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This is a sneak peek into The Pain-Healing Method, my online program which teaches you to retrain your brain to learn to move without pain. The movements are small, gentle and don't involve stretching. Hard to believe they could be so life-changing! See for yourself and get curious how this Method will help you get to the root issue of your chronic pain. Even if you don't have back pain, this will give you an idea of the approach, and I dare you not to feel a difference!

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"somatic movements Change your muscular system by changing your nervous system."
~ thomas hanna

Relieve your low back pain

Do you have pain in your low back that's not resolved? Or maybe you stretch it or get it worked on and it feels better, BUT the pain returns? Check out this 8 minute video to help relieve the tightness and pain by retraining the muscles to lengthen naturally, using only your beautiful nervous system.

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